Why should anyone follow your business on social media?

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Let’s face it the main goal that every business has on social media is to gain followers, let me clarify, to gain real organic quality followers.  This is the reason why a business puts time and money into being on social media, to find new customers, connect with current ones and to do business with them.  How does your business get followers though?

There is always the often spammed idea of “buying” likes or followers. I get this question A LOT! To me it seems like almost a waste of money. One, the likes you gain are going to be fake, meaning no business for you. With fake followers you’ll have no engagement either which can make your page look like a ghost town! The only reason for buying likes would be to give your page the disguise that you are popular and noteworthy enough to follow. This is kind of like those KIT cars that come with Ferrari body and a Toyota Corolla engine: all flash, no power or substance.

There are 2 methods of getting followers which I do encourage and will actually produce real results and in turn business.  These methods do take some time and energy however but will launch your social media profiles! I would also add that doing these two in conjunction makes them a lot more effective.

The first method is so simple it seems silly for me to even mention it. Follow people.  That’s it sorry if you blinked and missed it. I’ll say it again. Follow people.  To really have it work for you, follow the right people though.  If you have a competitor, follow their fans. It means they already are showing an interest in the product or service you’re offering.

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Don’t let your ego get to you by not following people. Too many times do I hear brands ask “why should I follow others when Prada (insert any other big name label) doesn’t follow anyone”. To answer your question Yes I’ve worked with high fashion dress designers, they need social media too! Back to my point though, you’re trying to get exposure and brand awareness and sometimes that means going and knocking on the proverbial door and knocking on their social media page first.

The next way to get followers is to give them a reason to follow you. Ask yourself if you went to your page would you hit the like or follow button?  Why should your fans if you wouldn’t? More often than not a simple contest will do the trick or if you want to take it further offer up some type of promotion/discount for being a follower. It’s up to your business to decide what will draw your customers to your social media page.

If you need help with any of this for Miami Social Media or Miami SEO please don’t hesitate to ask.

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