Exploring SEO: The Value of Local Search Terms

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In our last installment of SportsRantz Magazine we looked at the importance of certain factors of SEO, including the practice of Interlinking/Co-Citations and some helpful search commands to help you find more informative results to your searches.

This time, I take you a step further and branch off our original discussion about choosing the proper keywords to target. Especially if you are first starting out, you are going to want to start with some longtail phrases, but phrases that are going to help you increase the power of your brand and give you some nice recognition.

So I explain in detail some local search phrases to incorporate in your blog posts and the importance of interlinking them within every post you make.

As I state in this lesson, Patience is a Virtue. Results do not happen overnight and the SEO practices or internet marketing ninjas (ha) that promise you quick results probably won’t give you long term success and more than likely will get your site knocked out of the search results just as fast as they got you there. Trust me, I’ve seen it happen first hand to clients. It’s not a pretty situation.

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