Exploring SEO: Using Interlinking/Co-Citations & Powerful Search Commands

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As we delve deeper and deeper into our Search Engine Optimization talk you’re going to continue to see how every one of our lessons ties together. So before proceeding with this edition of SR University, make sure you have thoroughly our Introductory lesson on SEO. It will help you start from square one.

In this lesson, I show you how to use Co-Citations in your blog to produce more power and also help land you in the correct neighborhood. It also helps categorize your blog as an informational resource, something that all the search engines (particularly Google) really find valuable. In the rankings game, this is a great competitive edge!

I also teach you some Google Search Commands that should help you get more out of your search engine results. Find information, Co-Citations and articles much easier and better yet, find the best pages to InterLink in your blog

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