Are You Hurting Your Own Brand on Social Media?

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Being the face of your own brand can be challenging. As a face of Sports Rants I often face many challenges on social media.

It’s vital to not seem robotic, which will keep people engaged and interested in your posts. But you can’t be all business all the time. It’s equally important to show a human element, personality and certainly character.

But at one point does it become a deterrent to your brand?

Being opinionated is often the hardest challenge. Regardless of how G-rated or Politically Correct your viewpoint may be, someone will always get offended or simply have no other agenda but to bash on your point.

Social Media is the wild west of conversation where often times class, professionalism, respect and tact are as hard to find as Jimmy Hoffa. So the environment itself can be difficult to thrive in, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips to help you become a better Social Media voice.


1. It’s None of Your Business What People Think

The easiest thing for keyboard warriors to do is take a personal or insulting dig at you on a public format. It’s easy to fall into the back and forth with someone who is “gung-ho” on simply throwing mud your way. The urge to throw in your two cents can be a bit overwhelming but remember if you choose to do so, to do so with tact.

At the end of the day, the people throwing verbal darts at your brand are often those who aren’t A. Even Associated with Your Brand, B. Have a low follower count or C. Have a competing brand.

In point A. Maybe you can win a new fan of your brand, but tread carefully. Most people don’t like to be proven wrong, especially when they are “peacocking” on a public forum.

Feel free to debate with people and although you cannot control how they choose to speak to you, you are 100% in control of how you speak to them. Using tact and intelligence wins more fans than stooping to the level of tossing insults and personal attacks back and forth.

Sure, the latter makes you feel better but businesses don’t often do business with a brand or a brand advocate who resorts to that type of behavior.

Don’t take on the responsibility of changing someone’s mind in these instances.

I’ve been bashed, criticized and ripped on social media. Many times I’ve made mistakes in what I post that certainly invites corrections, but I never let it deter me.

Sure, people may hate what i do, my brand or what I have to say and at times I do like to give a little back. But I always keep things professional and don’t stoop to name-calling or personal insults. I’m prideful with my brand and you should be proud of your brand too, but don’t devalue it by engaging in behavior or dialogue that would be an PR disaster.

Defend your brand with an open mind and think before you post.


2. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

On any road to success there are plenty of roadblocks and pitfalls.

Empowering those who try and thwart you using Social Media can land you in one of those pitfalls. Don’t let it happen.

As I stated above social media can be like the Wild West, and a majority of folks can’t handle exuding professionalism, respect or tact. If they aim their sights on you it can frustrate or quickly irritate you, but keep this in mind; The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Folks who go around consistently exuding this behavior eventually tune their audience out, devalue their own voice and eventually make their own presence silent. Eventually, they will weed themselves out.

While you should always try and secure more fans, customers and supporters you should also be unafraid to simply pass over those who are simply out to be negative.

Your eyes would be on growth and more success, not putting the loud mouth on Twitter who hates your brand in their place.



3. Lightning Bolts

Lightning Bolts!!

This is the best bit of advice I can give you!

Lightning Bolts.


Because the block button on social media is like throwing a lightning bolt at any abusive user or “troll”. In one simple shot, they disappear from your online world.

Use it, love it and most of all make it the first step in combating hate.


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About The Author

Anthony is the CEO of Elite Rank Media and Sports Rants. He has over a decade in the Internet Marketing industry and specializes in Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Online Creative Initiatives.